Oldest Swords That Still Exist

In the early days before the nuclear age and the age of heavy artillery and firepower in war, face to face combat was the most common technique, and swordsmanship was a skill that every great warrior had to possess. The first sword to be made is dated back to the Bronze age and it was made of copper material. Swords made of steel and iron were made dating back to the middle ages, and during this period, great sword makers were tasked with making of personal swords for emperors, kings, and the royal generals. Some swords still survive today that were used centuries back, and according to history, these swords are surrounded by historical events that have been backed by historical documents and manuscripts.


Napoleon’s Sword.

Napoleon Bonaparte was proclaimed the emperor of France by the French Senate, and he was one of the most powerful generals in the 18th century. Napoleon rose to power after staging a coup d’etat in the year 1799. In the wake of the 19th century, France had won a series of victories crashing most of the superpowers in Europe, and at that time, it held a dominant position in the continent of Europe. However, after the invasion of Russia and the defeat of France by the Sixth Coalition, Napoleon was captured and exiled and later died on the island of Saint Helena.


Napoleon owned a sword that he carried to the battlefield, and it is reported that his weapons were made of the best materials. The sword was passed on from generation to generation, and in the year 1978, the sword became a national treasure. His sword was auctioned off in France in 2007 for $6.4 million.


Zulfiqar scimitar


Zulfiqar is a sword that was belonged to Ali given to him by Muhammad and history reports that the sword was used in the battle of the Trench an attempted siege on the city of Medina. Despite the controversy about how Zulfiqar looks like, the weapon still survives to date, and it is kept in the famous collection called Al-Jafr. The collection has been passed from generation to generation, and it contains artifacts dating back to the time of Muhammad and Ali. Al-Jafr has incredible content and cannot be viewed by the public only entrusted to Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi.


The William Wallace sword


William Wallace was a knight from Scotland, and according to history, he led a resistance against England when the Scottish were fighting for independence. William Wallace was named the Guardian of Scotland during his lifetime, and it is said he led his soldiers into battle engaging the enemy with a hand to hand combat. William Wallace was captured in 1305 and his execution ordered by King Edward I of England. As of today in Scotland, William Wallace is commemorated as a patriot and a national hero. His sword is found at the National Monument in Stirling, and it is one of the world’s famous swords. Reports indicate that the sword might have been modified on various occasions that might have been necessary as it is said that the original belt, hilt, and scabbard were made from dried skin. If you have any antique items that you may need to clean, read our article on mildew treatment for fabric